ProFlares is the ultimate lens flare plug-in for Unity3D

A complete set of editor tools for creating and animating realistic lens flares. ProFlares gives you the ability to create a vast array of different styles of lens flares with ease! 

Artist Friendly

Designed from the ground up to be used by artists, no code or scripting required. Just use the intuitive interface to create a flare from scratch or modify one of the many example flares included with ProFlares. 

High Performance

ProFlare is powered by a custom high performance automatic batching system that allows you to create multiple complex flares with only one draw call. ProFlares does this with no runtime allocations. 

Multi platform

ProFlares of course supports all platforms, and has been designed to scale from AAA desktop and console games all the way to mobile platforms. 

Indie Friendly

ProFlares doesn’t use any render to texture or image processing, so doesn’t require Unity3D Pro.

Professional Examples

Included with ProFlares is a large collection of preset flares to get you started right away. Also included are a large selection of lens flare elements.

Easy Atlas Management

Define your own texture atlas in Unity3D or even simpler import one from Texture Packer. 

What User Review Say

Super quick to setup and start using. Mobile tests have been positive so far, with some great draw call optimisations. Clear documentation and great developer support.
— Russ Morris
  • Full iOS & Android Support
  • Does NOT Require Unity Pro
  • Zero Run time allocations
  • 20+ Professional Examples Flares
  • 120+ High Res Lens Element Library
  • Split Screen Support
  • Texture Packer Atlas Import Support
  • Full source code included