Really one draw call?
Yes, if all of your flares in a scene use the same texture atlas they can all be drawn in the same batch.

Do flares fade with distance to the camera?
Yes, you can scale or fade flares based on distance to camera.

How are lens flares occluded by objects in the scene?
ProFlares uses a ray cast occlusion based system, with layer mask support.

Does ProFlares support mobile?
Yes ProFlares runs on both iOS and android. But please consider the fill rate of your target device. ProFlares is very efficient at batching flares, but if you have giant overlapping complex flares that cover the screen you will introduce a lot of overdraw. Scaling the flare appropriately makes a big difference on mobile.

Can I swap the camera that the flares are rendered from?
Yes, Just pass the camera you want to use to the ProFlareBatch via the SwitchCamera function. There is a example scene in the package demonstrating a multi camera setup.

Does ProFlares work with split screen?
Yes, its quite simple to setup and an example scene is included in the package.